Join us for the 2019 Wairarapa Women’ s 100 on Saturday 14th September.
We had over 120 Women involved last year! Let’s keep this good thing going.

This event is part of a series of Women’s bike rides happening on this day, all over the World. And as you know that means we are very likely to be the first peeps to finish the event that day.

If you have never thought about completing 100 km start thinking about it!!

You will never be in the company of so many supportive women cyclists. And if you can't manage 100 km without stopping, then you don't have to. You can think about the stop at the 66 km mark for coffee and cake, and then think about continuing afterwards! We have carefully crafted the course so you can stop at The Village Cafe before completing the final 35 km loop out to Greytown and return.

If this is WAY over your head presently then come and join in on the first 65 km loop or the final 35 km loop. But remember this is all about the 100 km event so get out and help as many women as possible prepare and complete the event with us.

The course is undulating and runs through beautiful local countryside.
Entry Fee: $15
Course Details:
The course is made up of 2 loops which both go out from Martinborough.
We’ll nail the big Gladstone 66 km loop first and then it’s easy peesey with a comparatively short loop across to Greytown and return.

The Route Details - 2 loops from The Village Café:

o Gladstone Loop (66 km) – travelling thru the village square & onto Oxford St – turn left at Todds Rd and follow the back route to Gladstone – left to Carters Line – to Ponatahi Rd & back into Martinborough & past the Village Café

o Greytown Loop (35 km) – we’ll cross over to Greytown via State Highway 53 – Bidwills Cutting – Fabians Rd – Papawai Rd – East St – Hospital Rd – SH 2 – Bidwills Cutting Rd - & return to Martinborough.
Our Hot Spot for the Day:
To ensure we keep you and your supporters happy along the way we’ll centre proceedings at The Village Café, 6 Kitchener St, Martinborough.
If you want a cuppa and cake after the first loop just make yourself at home by popping in and saying hi to the crew there. They’ll fuel you up for the remainder of the ride.
The Schedule: (We aim to be eating cake at 2:30 pm)
So this is how we’ll roll …. it's important that we seed ourselves so we finish sometime around 2 pm simply because it will be neat to sit and enjoy the post race euphoria together.

Start Times (fastest riders start last)
o 8:00 am: Those who are aiming for their first 100k ride or know it’s going to be a big day out

o 8:30 am: Those who think it’s still a long way but they will manage it with a bit of inspiration from their mates. You guys have probably done a 100 k ride in before & have recently done 50-60 km in preparation. You maybe even taking part in some triathlons before Xmas

o 9:15 am: Those who are confident they can finish 100 k without a coffee break & need to be challenged a little more. Some of you maybe aiming for a half ironman before Xmas and want to get some good training in with your girlfriends :)

o Let’s aim for you all to be finished by 2 pm
What you need to know ….
o This is a fun, un-timed, un-marshalled ride on open roads and all riders are taking part at their own risk
o I will give you a map and instructions however you will need to look after yourself in terms of following the roads – there will not be marshals
o You need to come prepared to fix your own punctures so bring a fix-it kit with 2 tubes and a pump. Please bring along a road-safe bike.
o Although you will be passing the café twice on the ride you should take food and drink with you (as well as your visa and coffee card!)

WW100 Course.jpg