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If you finish the 124 km loop before 1 pm you can continue onto the final loop 21 km loop to make up to 145 km - if not, it's coffee time! (you will need to have an average speed of >er 23kmph)
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We will aim to have everyone finished by 2 pm
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Conditions of the Ride
I understand that this ride is a fun, un-marshaled, un-timed event. The roads are open to normal traffic so I'm aware I must obey to all road rules to keep myself and others safe. I'm in it to finish & enjoy the day of riding. I will pay the event fee of $30 on registration. *
Payment Details
Event Fee $30 All payments are to be made to the following account on registration. Please clearly reference your name when paying. Payment is non-refundable. Account Number: 02 0828 0088647 000