Join us for a stunning, looping endurance ride through the Masterton countryside on the 11th January to crack into 2020. This is a sister event to the WairarapaWomens100 .. the big sister! There are 2 ride lengths:

... Figure 8 Loop, 124 km

... Triple Loop, 145 km

If you haven't ridden north of Masterton you will be blown away with the lovely rural roads - it's an absolute delight riding here. Many of you may never have had the pleasure. The 2 courses are undulating and very doable given you have trained through the Xmas break & you’re able to ride between 4 - 6 hours. I'm gunning for 75 riders in this inaugural event. The focus will be on completion over competition. The idea is to ride with other women and support each other to achieve your assigned route.

There will be several places to refuel along the ride course including:

... Eketahuna 61 km point (half way around the figure 8 course)

... Masterton (end of figure 8) 124 km

............................... Entry Fee: $30 ..............................

Course Details:

All riders start in Masterton, and will ride the 124 km figure-8 loop before arriving back at Queen Elizabeth Park, Masterton. There is an extra 21 km loop thru Te Whiti for the longer course ride.

Course Map.jpg

Route Details:

o All riders will meet at the entrance into Queen Elizabeth Park 20 mins before the start time for briefing - Memorial Drive & Dixon St. There will be a short ‘neutral zone’ ride to get safely onto the Masterton-Castlepoint Rd where we will regroup & start the ride.

o Ride north to Eketahuna (61 km) – travelling thru the Whagaehu Valley, across Dreyers Rock Rd, north to SH2, crossing SH2 for a loop on the west of SH2 & into Eketahuna. There are several lovely cafes here and public toilets. Ensure you refuel here as this is the half way point & its another 2-3 hours before you return to Masterton.

o Ride to Alfredton (17 km) - Travelling eastwards along Alfredton road. You have ridden 78 km.

o Ride to Mauriceville (25 km) - Gorgeous area. Riding south along Route 52 and crossing over Dreyers Rock Rd (again), before turning south & riding to Mauriceville. You have ridden 103 km.

o Ride to Masterton QE Park, Memorial Drive (21 km) - Continue riding south to SH2 & follow along the shoulder into Masterton & to the finish point at Queen Elizabeth Park. You have ridden 124 km.

o Ride to Te Whiti (8 km) - Ride south along Te Whiti Rd, through Homebush and over the Ruamahanga River, turning left at Te Whiti. You have ridden 132 km.

o Ride to Masterton QE Park (14 km), Memorial Drive - There is a lovely country road weaving along the hill sides northwards. Follow northwards until you turn left on the Masteton-Castlepoint Rd. Follow back to SH2 and left to QE Park and the finish point.


Start Times: (The aim is to have everyone finished by 2:00 pm)

o 7:30 am: All riders new to endurance rides, or those who want to take their time

o 8:00 am: Super Slick Chicks (28+ kmph average)


What you need to know ….

o This is a fun, un-timed, un-marshalled ride on open roads and all riders are taking part at their own risk

o I will give you a map and instructions however you will need to look after yourself in terms of following the roads – there will not be marshals

o You need to come prepared to fix your own punctures so bring a fix-it kit with 2 tubes and a pump or gas canisters. Please bring along a road-safe bike.

o This is a long ride so please ensure you take enough food and drink with you, as well as stopping if required at Eketahuna & Masterton to refuel

o There is a cut-off, at Queen Elizabeth Park of 1 pm - only riders who leave by 1 pm will be permitted to continue the long course