Wellington Coastline Sea Swim Series

We have 3 unique sea swims spanning the Wellington harbour area in the summer 2019 series. These swims are adventure and endurance focused. They are routed in places that allow participants to discover new areas. The swims require participants to have a good open water swim skill set and fitness level. Swims are set to challenge swimmers and create unforgettable memories.

2018-12-01 09.05.19.jpg

City2City Swim

Date: Sat 1st Dec

Distances: 5 km & 7 km

Cost: $80 (early bird)

Seatoun2City Swim

Date: Sun 13 Jan

Distances: 3 km, 5.5 km & 8.5 km

Cost: $60/$75 (early bird)

Matiu/Somes Island Swim

Date: Sun 10 Feb

Distances: 3 km, 3.7 km & 6.7 km

Cost: $85/92 (early bird)