Hi Riders,

I hope you got out of the SB400 what you wanted. I was really happy with the weekend - great weather, company and no incidents. However there are always areas of organisation that can be improved on. I’d like you to review the trip for me so I can improve it for the future. Before you review the trip please note that this event is meant to be affordable and training focused. What is affordable to one person is not to another person. Spending $600 on a long weekend is a lot of money, even if it’s great value for money. If it was much more expensive it would prevent a number of athletes from taking part … athletes I’d like to see on the weekend. The focus, for me, is on getting you onto your bikes and fitter for triathlons this coming summer. This is certainly not an expensive international ride-holiday which has a different focus and price point. When giving feedback keep in mind that this is primarily a training weekend.

If you prefer to give me feedback directly please call. Otherwise, thanks for completing the form.

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