16 Week Run Programme

1st July Wellington Marathon, Half or 10 km

THE GOAL of this plan isn't to get you across the line, it's to get THE BEST VERSION OF YOU across the finish line on July 1st.  

The programme is: Personalised to you; Designed by a Coaching Expert with proven results; Includes 2 X group run sessions per week; Plan is set up on Training Peaks; and we all provide motivation so you achieve your goal. 

16 Weeks of run coaching - $400

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Targeted Training

Phone consultation to structure the programme around your goals 


Pacing Calculated

Ensuring training sessions are varied with clear individualised training efforts and speed goals 


Group Training

Monday & Wednesday group runs allowing skill development & individual feedback


Weekly Schedule  

3, 4 or 5 runs per week - Your choice

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Clear Communication

A Training Peaks account set-up which include detailed training plan & clear goals

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Race Planning

Event plan to ensure pacing and nutrition is well managed 

  • Weekly Workouts - mix of speed; endurance and recovery sessions which are all essential to maximise your training

  • Quality Training over Quantity - we are all busy & this programme works to get the most gain out of training time

  • Pacing targets by session type - we will identify your starting point & build a mix of training sessions set around your own targets so we achieve your own event day goals 

  • Coach Feedback - I'm available to discuss the programme within group sessions & via email 

Programme Conditions

  • Registration & payment are confirmed and completed before programme commencement (Contact Jenny if you need to discuss 4 x direct debit monthly payments)
  • There are no refunds, unless serious illness or injury occur, within the first 6 weeks of the programme