16 Week Training Plan to the Wellington Marathon Event

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Conditions are in place to ensure traction events are fun, safe and registered athletes understand what they have signed up to. Please read all the conditions and tick the box below if show you are happy with them
I understand and agree that automatic direct debits will be processed regardless of sickness, injury or holiday
Refunds will be considered on a fair basis. Unless there is serious illness or injury and the programme is still within the first 4 weeks there will be no refunds.
Running carries with it potential risks and hazards. Rehabilitation post run sessions is the athletes responsibility and should occur. Traction Fitness recommends a regular weekly massage, and run shoes that have been recommended by a biomechanical expert (podiatrist) as the best form of injury protection. Runners must be aware of risks associated with running such as running on uneven surfaces and other hazards such as being careful of traffic on and around roads and trails including cars, bikes and other runners. I will take responsibility for my own well-being and accept that I participate at my own risk.
I understand that my contact details are included in the Traction Fitness database and that this database may be used for promotional purposes by Traction Fitness. I also agree that all images taken at Traction events can be used for promotional purposes without my written approval.
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