Saturday 24th February - Sold out!

This DOC protected Island is the jewel in Wellington's harbour and a national treasure. The circumnavigation of the Island will be a first for Wellington swimmers and a swim feat to be proud of whenever you look over the harbour. The waters are crystal clear with an abundance of marine and bird life. It will be a swim to remember.



Course 1,   3.0 km        Swim Matiu/Somes Island

Course 2,   3.7 km        Swim Matiu/Somes & Mokupuna 

Course 3,   6.7 km        Swim Petone to Island & around

Matiu Somes Swim Course V4.jpg

Registration Course 1 & 2 (Island swimmers only)

Note that there are 2 different groups: Island swimmers and Long Distance swimmers (who register and start at Petone Beach)

 Queens Wharf EAST-By-west Ferry

Queens Wharf EAST-By-west Ferry

Registration 6:30 am: Queens Wharf: East-West Ferry

Departure: Boat leaves 6:55 am 

Swim Briefing: Matiu Is Wharf, on arrival

Swim Start from 7:40 am

Registration Course 3 (Long Swim, Petone to Island)

Registration 6:15 am: Seashore Cabaret, 160 The Esplanade, Petone

Swim Briefing 6:30 am

Swim departure to Matiu/Somes Island 6:40 am

Registration Petone Map.jpg

Entry Fee - Swimmers $82            Supporters $30 

Swim Entry includes - chartered ferry transport & personal gear storage; DOC donation; extensive on-water swim support for your personal safety. Places are limited. 

Supporter Entry includes - return ferry transport; personal gear storage, if required; DOC donation; and 75 mins walking around the Island. There are 20 Supporter places so please get in if you want to follow your swimmer.  

Registrations after Tuesday 20th February, 5 pm, will incur a late entry fee of $15

For safety and logistical reasons there will be no registrations taken after Thursday 22nd February, 5 pm


Internet banking Acct # 02 0828 0088647 000. Ensure your name is clearly referenced, i.e. E Smith

Entry Conditions & Logistics

  • Registration is compulsory
  • If 16 years or younger an email will have to be sent to the organisers by the parents or guardian to confirm they are able to complete the swim
  • By completing the registration form you agree to all conditions outlined in the athlete waiver
  • All swimmers completing the Matiu/Somes circumnavigation or the Matiu/Somes & Mokopuna figure 8 loop must travel to the Island via the ferry service
  • Swimmers are welcome to remain on the island after the swim, with supporters
  • All supporters must stay on the boat until the DOC staff 'open' the Island ~ 8 am
  • Before swimmers get to the Island all swimmers must be in wetsuit and ready to swim
  • Swim briefing for the Island only swimmers will take place once you arrive at Matiu/Somes wharf
  • During the swim all bags must remain on the boat 
  • After the swim you can return to the boat to access your bag
  • You can choose to come back on the 9:15 am boat or remain on the Island for a later departure. If you remain on the Island you must go through a biosecurity check 
  • There will be no event refund after Sunday 18th February. Before this date a fee of $41 will be refunded
  • The event postponement date is March 10th. There will be no refunds if swimming is not possible on both dates. An alternate swim course will be organised on March 10th along the coastline in a suitable location to be confirmed in the days leading up to March 10th 

Entry Criteria

All swimmers must be capable of swimming 3.5 km in an open water situation or a minimum of 500 m further than their chosen event distance. Slow swimmers will be either moved up the course or removed from the water if it's deemed necessary to ensure everyone remains safe 

The swim cut-off time is 9:10 am 

Predator Free Island

Matiu/Somes Island is a predator free Island. There are strict DOC biosecurity measures in place on the Island. If you intend to stay on the Island or have any supporter stay on the Island you will need to go through the biosecurity check. All visitors are asked to ensure, and will be checked for, clean footwear and bags - no dirt, vegetation/seeds, insects and of course rodents.