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Swim Squads - Keith Spry

If you want to get fitter and faster in a group training situation and you can make it to Keith Spry pool in Johnsonville.

Swim Squads are 1 hr in length with the exception of the Friday morning 90 min session. The 6-7 am session complete ~ 3 km per hour. The 7-8 am session complete between 2.3 & 2.7 km per hour. 

The focus is on aerobic strength sets ideal for triathletes with a focus on freestyle, although there is variety in every swim set. 

$11/session. Paid by the term of swimming   


Individual Swim Lesson

If you feel a little like a gummy bear (piccie to the LHS) when you're swimming it's probably because you are pushing your body and half the pool along during every stroke.  

When was the last time you had a lesson? Do you feel exhausted when swimming? Finding breathing hard? Struggling to think how you will manage that 2 km open water swim? If you are saying yes to any of these questions then come and get a quick fix from me. 

Let me take a look at your technique for improvements - even after 1 session you will be feeling much better.  

1 hr session - $80