IMNZ 2019 was a super event. Each one of you did an amazing job on the day. There wasn’t one of you who under-performed. I was rapt with your efforts. Some of you had issues with your health in the build-up which affected your day.

It’s hard to step up to the line and fulfill your potential. It’s nerve racking as you tread the water and wonder what lies ahead of you. So much went into the build-up and you want to salute your day as well as you can.

So now’s the time to reflect - on the training you did in your build-up and the day you had on Saturday. How did the 2 marry up? What could you have done differently in the build-up? What did you do during the event - what went well and what can you improve? If you write down your thoughts now, before they disappear, you can use them as useful tools in the future.

Congratulations on the day and I look forward to reading your feedback. Jen