Personal Tri Programme

$200/month (covers prog + all group sessions)

Programmes for people who want to achieve personal goals that require assistance. I sit down with you to ensure we understand where we are and where we're going. I integrate training with the tapestry of life so you don't go bonkers in the meantime.  

  • First timer triathlon goals
  • Sprint and Olympic Distance goals
  • Half Ironman & Ironman goals
  • Ultraman & multisport events. 

I work with all my athletes to make the most out of their limited time & energy. You receive the knowledge garnished over time.  And there is no better education than the education of true triathlon experience mixed with academic regime and coaching time.  

Swim Coaching

Prices vary by session type - read on


  • Pool Based Swim Squads - Mon, Wed, Fri
  • Sea swim coaching Sessions - Thurs, fortnightly
  • Wellington Coastal Sea Swims - Sat
  • Individual Technique Sessions

Run Coaching

$80/block of 10 sessions

Tri focused performance run sessions

  • Monday Rep Sessions
  • Wednesday Longer run or aerobic strength reps
  • As part of Sat SBR session

Tri 'Brick' Sessions

$10/session - frequent flyer

$15/session - 1 off cost

  • Saturday swim to bike to run sessions
  • Seasonal bike (windtrainer)/run reps
swim to windtrainer sets

swim to windtrainer sets

Camps/Focus Days

  • SpringBike400 - 3 day cycling camp, October 21-24
  • Half Ironman Focus Weekend - November 18-20
  • Ironman Training Camp - February 3-6
  • Winter pre-Worlds special training (heat lab; pool based SBR; whatevers required)
  • Winter Expeditions - Evergreen Triathlon, Chamonix, France, Sept 2017



Bike Sessions

  • Winter Windtrainer Sessions
  • Sat Brick
  • Sunday long ride - team up with training mates