Personal Tri Programme

Programmes for people who want to achieve personal goals that require assistance. I sit down with you to ensure we understand where we are and where we're going. I integrate training with the tapestry of life so you don't go bonkers in the meantime.  

  • First timer triathlon goals
  • Sprint and Olympic Distance goals
  • Half Ironman & Ironman goals
  • Ultraman & multisport events. 

I work with all my athletes to make the most out of their limited time & energy. You receive the knowledge garnished over time.  And there is no better education than the education of true triathlon experience mixed with academic regime and coaching time.  


Swim Coaching

  • Pool Based Swim Squads - Mon, Wed, Fri
  • Sea swim coaching Sessions - Thurs, fortnightly
  • Wellington Coastal Sea Swims - Sat
  • Individual Technique Sessions

Run Coaching

Tri focused performance run sessions

  • Monday Rep Sessions
  • Wednesday Longer run or aerobic strength reps
  • As part of Sat SBR session

Tri 'Brick' Sessions

  • Saturday swim to bike to run sessions
  • Seasonal bike (windtrainer)/run reps
swim to windtrainer sets

swim to windtrainer sets

Camps/Focus Days

  • SpringBike400 - 3 day cycling camp, October 21-24
  • Half Ironman Focus Weekend - November 18-20
  • Ironman Training Camp - February 3-6
  • Winter pre-Worlds special training (heat lab; pool based SBR; whatevers required)
  • Winter Expeditions - Evergreen Triathlon, Chamonix, France, Sept 2017



Bike Sessions

  • Winter Windtrainer Sessions
  • Sat Brick
  • Sunday long ride - team up with training mates