Coaching Evaluation - NOT COMPLETE

This is a tricky area for you as the athlete and me as the coach. But so essential if I am to learn as a coaching professional and to continue to provide improved coaching services. I appreciate it's not always easy to give honest feedback however I ask that you do. If you would like to explain yourself more fully please give me a call - it's not always easy to communicate effectively through a simple form.  

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Overall how useful did you find the coaching programme to your key goal
Based on your experience how likely would you be to recommend my coaching service to other atheletes
Rate each of the following from 1 to 5
(5 = Excellent; 1 = Poor)
Breaking down the aquathlon into skills and rating skills as a group, etc
RATE THE following from 1 to 5
(5 - Excellent & 1 = Poor)
Note down there name and contact number below
~~~~~~~~~~~Thanks for your feedback~~~~~~~~~~~