Complete this to the best of your ability. You can always follow up with an email explanation or just discuss details with me when we catch up. The idea of this questionnaire is to give me a reasonable idea of where you're at presently. 


Name *
Athlete Goals
If you have more than 1 important goal list others
Please list the event and the date of it
Please describe in words, times or feelings what you want to achieve whilst undertaking your key goal .... 'finish & remain controlled though-out the event', podium finish in my age group; run 53 mins; etc
Describe your run fitness & history
Do you have any relatively recent results that will help us to plan your run pacing or to establish how you progress .... please write down and add notes
Note down the time, course and date of each event
Describe your bike fitness & history
i.e. Time for Around Lake Taupo; Half Ironman; Ironman, etc
Describe your swim fitness and history
What tools do you own
What tools do you own: *
Injury History
Please list and give a short description of the issue, and who is treating it
Can you also note down who you are massaged by
Your setup on your bike is critical to your speed and comfort. Poor setup leads to back, shoulder and leg injuries and not only a decrease in bike speed and comfort but also run speed and comfort. If you are concerned about your bike setup please discuss with me
Rank out of 10 how you feel about your speed &/or skill in each area
10 = feel like a superstar; 1 = very poor area of skill/ability
Weekly Exercise Timetable
Can you please list down the days Monday to Sunday and note down days on which you do certain exercise or have commitments that need to be factored into the programme