How's your training going ... can we improve things? 


Name *
If you don't know please take your times and get back to me on each of the above distances.
Too long; too short; main sets not long enough; not enough kicking, etc
How many rides are you managing? How long is your longest bike ride presently? Have you got a favourite route? What are you finding hard to do?
Do we need to review your set-up?
Are there sessions you are finding you skip more often? Can we move this ride so it may work better at another time or should we change the type of ride (WT to road; flat to hills; hills to flat??)
Times for any time trial routes; Recent FTP test results; length of long bike ride; etc
Poor, good, well, excellent
About the pace you could do a set like 5 x 5 mins, 1 min jog recovery at?
Run at an easy pace and non-stop on trails ..... a distance that you can do with a little push.
Number of sessions per week; type of sessions; etc
Your Health
What was the injury; how did it occur; how did you deal with it; what are you doing to prevent the injury occuring again
Take your resting HR when lying in bed after waking up in the morning
Please explain if you need more time off and when we could add this in.